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A Lifestyle Change of Great Proportions: A Weight Loss Journey... or Struggle.

I had the most scandalous ass faithful and unwavering relationship with Popeye's chicken. I could not pass by there and not order a couple of chicken strip meals with a side of red beans and rice. It was like crack to me and I was like Pookie in New Jack City. I had to kick that habit.

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I Love Magic City!!

This year like every other year of my life.... I took a lil trip down South to Birmingham, Alabama. Always a good trip for me. It feels like a mental cleansing from the daily rush of living in L.A. I get to spend time with family and visit old places, really relax and take a break. This year was unexpectedly extra special for me. This year I had the pleasure of taking mini me along for the ride.

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Is It Okay To Buy Your Mother a Card on Father's Day?

My mom made some major sacrifices for us. She went above and beyond to do all the things I needed her to do.  She is still and always will be the shining example on which I base my life and all my major decisions. Without her I would be nothing and I am forever grateful for everything she has taught me and done for me.

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