A Lifestyle Change of Great Proportions: A Weight Loss Journey... or Struggle.

I've literally been staring at my wedding pictures for maybe 2 days now... completely shocked and amazed at how far I've come in my journey... my weight loss journey that is...

At my heaviest, I was 291. I've never told anyone that before. I think the weight scared me and I didn't want anyone else to worry about my health considering I was already not in the greatest shape, to begin with. I literally hadn't noticed that I had lost as much as I have until a co-worker told me she didn't recognize me earlier this week. It's one of the reasons why  I dug up my wedding pictures.

I can't believe the transformation... I really can't believe I hadn't really noticed.  What I have realized is I am way too hard on myself and that I am definitely making progress. I hate to say it but it helps to motivate me when other people notice that I am losing weight and congratulate me on the moves I am making. 

I'm irritated with myself for letting my insecurities keep me from Vegas for my birthday this year. I wish I had seen these pictures earlier because now I feel like I can do anything.

The only thing I hate is when people ask me what am I doing to get the weight off. I wanna be all like "Oh I'm just eating right and drinking more water". But the truth is I had to make a conscious decision to stop being a fat ass.

I had the most scandalous ass faithful and unwavering relationship with Popeye's chicken. I could not pass by there and not order a couple of chicken strip meals with a side of red beans and rice. It was like crack to me and I was like Pookie in New Jack City. I had to kick that habit.

I had to kick a lot of bad habits. I had an insane addiction to sugar that was becoming very embarrassing. The cashiers at the McDonald's near my job know my name, my car, and my morning order. Even the baristas at the local Starbucks were getting a little too familiar. I once called in an order at the local sandwich shop and the person who took my order recognized my voice and asked me if I wanted the usual. I was just eating too much fast food too many times a week... too many times a day.

I had to make a mental decision to just stop... to eat less... and to take more than 2000 steps a day. Yes, I was literally sitting at my desk 8+ hours a day only taking the necessary steps to eat and go to the bathroom...smh. I am ashamed, but I have changed and after reevaluating how far I've come, I feel good.

I have been hiding these pictures for 2 years now, but I feel like I need to post them to help further motivate me.  This is not a progress report per se... but ya girl is officially 60lbs down from 291lbs. Enjoy... I'm saving my progress pics for July. Just know that I don't look like this anymore.