Finally Taking the Leap... And Marrying My Passion!!

I once heard that if every day you wake up … and you have the same passion to do something or be something in your heart, regardless of your current situation, you are the burn that you feel when you wake. I, myself am many things to many people, I hold many titles and talents…But every morning when the sun rises above the seas… I am reminded that I am a writer.

In preparation for formally introducing my light to the world, I am setting aside #acutecoin to continue to invest in myself. Up until now, all the degrees and certificates I have earned have been sparked not only by a strong curiosity but also a strong need to help and nurture the dreams of others. My thirst for knowledge will not be curved by that activity but I am making a conscious effort to refocus my energy. I am learning far more in the hands-on, online courses, than I have ever learned in any class room. School has taught me in theory, but taking online courses is giving me a more flexible chance at truly interacting with strong like-minded individuals in my industry.

I am actively seeking mentorship and engaging with new and different people. While on this particular part of the journey, I have acquired many resourceful connections. Thanks to @mattieologie and @mayaelious I have learned that consistency is very important to my personal brand. I have decided this weekend. I will be shutting down my site and taking their advice to assess brand consistency to further clarify my passion and purpose. Also, thanks to @mattieologie, I understand that while my mission is to spread awareness about Lymphedema and my passion is writing, my purpose is what my readers usually ask of me…Which are life solutions and natural hair questions. My struggle is trying to marry the two.

However, none of this is worth anything without a commitment. I am fully committing every waking hour, which is not spent with my family or my job and most importantly my daughter, to this blog life. Given my current health situation and the conflicts of my current work industry, this may very well be my sole source of income one day. So I am no longer going to be distracted by Instagram, no longer taken aback by Facebook posts and no more countless hours on Youtube and Periscope (<<< that last one will be extremely hard)!! I will instead use these hours to build my online brand by making more connections …offline, with real people. I have joined blogger meet up groups in my area and photography workshops to not only learn a bit more but to hopefully meet new people who can further help me grow. 

I strongly believe that my efforts will bring more attention to those who struggle with the day to day hang ups of the "Spoonie" life, ultimately bringing voice to a scream that goes unheard. I have chosen to no longer hide my illness and am completely committed to living the life I've always wanted to live. I am openly choosing to find the joy in my journey, the strength in my struggle and to keep on P.U.S.H.-ing. I want to help others do the same by giving the best life, love, and relationship advice they can find. I am my daughter's role model and I want to be the kind of person I hope she becomes.

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