Dear Periscope.... I love you.

I was introduced to the Periscope app by Karen Yankovich of a few weeks ago and my life hasn't been the same since. I am literally addicted. This platform of connecting with people is changing the game by leaps and bounds. If you don't know what Periscope, it's a social platform that allows you to broadcast live from your smart device to hundreds if not thousands of people all at once.... essentially like Twitter on camera. Your broadcasts are only available for replay for 25 hrs but you have the option of saving and/or uploading to Youtube. This app went live sometime in March and I'm glad I am one of the first to hop on board. 

I've had the pleasure of conversing and picking the brains of some of the worlds most interesting people. From praise and worship to poetry nights to business tips and even sunsets from abroad. I think the best thing about this tool is that its not perverted with scammers and spammers yet and it is proving to be the next it thing in social media.

I'm just in awe by what this means for all the social media marketers and even the not so social business associates. I've even had a tour of a house  in Atlanta, Georgia from my desk in Carson, California!! I've connected with business mentors and health and wellness coaches from all over. There's even a guy that I follow who wakes up every morning to show the sunrise from some where in Japan. I've learned more in the last couple of days, than i have ever learned in any of my books or classes, from real, live, credible people, who take the time to answer question and reach out to you. In just the last few days I've made some great connections with great people who have helped to boost my self esteem and show me new ways of connecting on a deeper level from miles away and how to truly live the laptop life. This experience has been amazing to say the least and I can't wait to see how far this app will take me in life.

If you haven't already, download this app.  You can join networking parties called Cast parties. There's a game, that I personally love called, pass the cast. This is where you start a broadcast introduce yourself and what it is that you do, briefly talk about of your choice, give other contact info such as website or email, and then you choose a colleague from your following , or maybe they volunteer, and then you "Pass the Cast" to that colleague, and they do the same. Awesome right?!? By far the most fun and fastest way to build your network or clientele. You never know where it my take you.  Get out there and be heard. It's never been more easier than this! If you're twitter friends or followers are already using than you already know who to follow. But beware, this app is extremely addicting. May cause sudden excitement and loss of time.Use responsibly... but by all means use this app. It is changing the world as we know it!

Find me and follow me on Periscope @onebadbreeze. I'm working on putting together a series about outreach and spreading awareness for rare diseases like the Lymphedema.